Zijad Ljevaković

Imam Zijad Ljevakovic was born in 1952 in Trepce, Tesanj municipality, where he finished elementary school in 1967. He became graduate student of Gazi Husrev-bey’s  Madrasah in 1971/1972. He graduated in 1977 from the Faculty of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies at Kar Yunus University in Benghazi.

From 1980 to 1987 he was working as religious and educational cleric in Prijedor, Travnik and the Islamic Community Eldership for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. He was a member of the Islamic Community called Riyaset, a member of the Presidency of the Ilmijje Association in three convocations, and in two convocations the Vice-President of the Association.

He spent his war years as a member of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina in which he was assigned the rank of colonel. He received the “Silver Shield” award for distinguished merit in the defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He worked as a professor of Tefsir and Ahlak in Gazi  Husrev-bey’s Madrasah, before he came to her helm and held the position of Director from 1999 to 2015.

He is the author of textbooks on Tefsir for the third and fourth grades of Madrasah, as well as the editor of the selection of texts from Ahlak for the second grades of Madrasah. He has published several professional papers on Tefsir and other Islamic sciences in the Islamic community publications. He has participated in numerous national and international conferences, forums and roundtables.