The Mission

Through research and cooperation with related institutions, we strive to contribute to a more profound knowledge and comprehensive understanding of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s reality, security and betterment of the living conditions of its peoples and citizens, preservation and affirmation of its natural, cultural and historical wealth.

With this aim in mind, we will foster personal development, social entrepreneurship and scientific approach towards the problems in the society, as well as the advancement of the connections and relations with the B-H diaspora. In particular, we will endeavor to contribute to the Bosniak self-cognition, and the cognition of others about Bosniaks as an indigenous European Muslim people, building on the preservation and promotion of the intellectual legacy of Alija Izetbegović as a European Muslim thinker and the first President of the Presidency of the independent Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Foundation will support the authentic interpretation of Alija Izetbegović’s life and work, acting as a trustworthy and comprehensive representative of this legacy – his vision of multiculturalism and coexistence, belief in freedom and human rights, as well as his commitment to the ideals of social justice, equality and progress.