Statement on Israel’s Violence against Palestinians

11 May 2021

Alija Izetbegović Foundation is joining major world actors in denouncing the violent and illegal conduct by the Israel’s state authorities and police forces towards Palestinians.

The use of force in depriving Palestinians of their right to peaceful protests and expression of disagreement with the policy of masked annexation of parts of the Palestinian territory which has been executed by Israel in the occupied West Bank and the East Jerusalem, represents the blatant violation of accepted norms of human rights, international law and the United Nations’ resolutions. This has all been happening in front of the global public, and, unfortunately, without penalty.

The majority of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s citizens feel the whole weight of the injustice and violence that Palestinians have been subjected to in Quds and all over the occupied territories. The concept of snatching away the land and displacing the other and different in order to broaden the ethnically-cleansed territories, in Bosnia and Herzegovina was conducted in the most brutal way, as a cruel negation of justice and law, and of the humane attitude of the whole peace-minded world as well.

Therefore, we stand fully in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their struggle for their basic human rights and freedoms and we demand that the violence against Palestinians be stopped.