Roundtable on “Statehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Context of Preserving Peace and Stability” held in Goražde

On December 20, 2021, Alija Izetbegović Foundation, the City of Goražde and the City of Sarajevo organized a joint roundtable on the topic “Statehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Context of Preserving Peace and Stability.”

The Roundtable was organized with the aim of offering answers to the current constitutional crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina caused by events on the political scene and provoked by the representatives of the Bosnian entity Republika Srpska.

The Roundtable was held in Goražde with the participation of eminent professors, intellectuals in the field of law, history and security.

Speakers during the event were:

  1. Miro Lazović – sociologist and politician from Sarajevo
  2. Professor Dr Marko Attila Hoare – British historian and Associate Professor at SSST
  3. Dr Elias Eli Tauber – Advisor for culture and religion of the Jewish Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  4. Professor Dr Kasim Trnka – Professor and expert in Constitutional Law
  5. General Fikret Muslimovic – retired General

The moderator of the Roundtable was Faris Nanić, President of the Board of Alija Izetbegović Foundation, while the Mayor of the City of Sarajevo, Dr Benjamina Karić, addressed the audience at the beginning of the event.

In addition to the participants, the Roundtable was attended by the mayors of both cities, representatives of the Government of Bosansko-podrinjski Canton, the Speaker of the Cantonal Assembly, cantonal representatives, city councilors and representatives of veterans’ associations.

Based on the presentations of the participants of the Roundtable as well as the conducted discussions, conclusions were reached which will be presented to the public.

The organizers of the Roundtable will also publish a collection of papers based on the written works of the speakers and with the aim of detecting the problems that hinder the country in its progress on the path to Euro-Atlantic integration.

Photos: RTV BPK Goražde