Muzaffer Çilek opened a “Potočari Han” in Srebrenica

Muzaffer Çilek, a Turkish businessman whose ancestors came from Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the founders and members of the Board of Alija Izetbegović Foundation, built and opened a “Potočari Han” in Srebrenica, whose main purpose is to provide support to annual Genocide memorial event in July, especially to the participants of the Peace March, by providing a place for them to rest, eat and freshen up.  

On 10th and 11th of July 2023, “Han” worked in full capacity, providing free accommodation, food, beverages and coffee to tired participants of the March, but also to other people who came to mark the anniversary of the Genocide against the Bosniaks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thousands of people used the services of the “Potočari Han” during those two days. 

On more than 1 acre of land, there are five buildings, with apartments, a restaurant, dormitories and bathrooms, surrounded by greenery and sitting areas in shade. It is planned for the “Han” to be open all year round, not solely on the day of the Genocide commemoration, providing services to guests and visitors at affordable, almost symbolic prices.  

You can watch a short video in Bosnian about the “Potočari Han” made by TRT here.

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