Delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina received by the President of Montenegro

On February 2, 2022, Montenegrin President Milo Đukanović received a delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina consisting of Amel Suljović, envoy of BH Presidency member Šefik Džeferović and representatives of the Alija Izetbegović Foundation, Sabina Berberović and Muhamed Mulahmetović. On this occasion, the delegation handed over to President Đukanović the official initiative for the sponsorship of the exhibition “National Treasure of Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

President Đukanović welcomed the delegation and expressed satisfaction that Montenegro would be the first country following BH to present the national treasure of Bosnia and Herzegovina, that is, the treasure of all of us. “I want us to fight together for that grain of civic that will bring us together,” said President Đukanović.

He pointed out that he knew what difficulties Bosnia and Herzegovina was going through and that, unfortunately, the deterioration of political and security issues still most drastically manifests in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Great-state nationalisms that threatened the country have not been buried, although they suffered a defeat,” said President Đukanović, recalling the values ​​Montenegro has preserved – peace, multiethnic democracy, coexistence, stability and a European future. “We want to be of benefit to Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens,” Đukanović told his guests, emphasizing that initiatives such as this one should bring together and lead on the path to integration.

The envoy of the member of the Presidency of BH Šefik Džeferović and the representatives of Alija Izetbegović Foundation conveyed greetings to President Đukanović with the contentment that, as they said, “we share the European cultural heritage.” Sabina Berberović, member of the Board of the Foundation, conveyed the gratitude of the Board members to President Đukanović for accepting the sponsorship of the exhibition “National Treasure of Bosnia and Herzegovina” which would be presented in Podgorica after being set in Sarajevo to mark 30 years of BH independence. Envoy Suljović handed the President an invitation from the Chairman and the Member of the Presidency of BH, Komšić and Džeferović, to be a guest at the ceremony marking the Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina. “We would be honored by your visit to Sarajevo, as we have been honored by your patronage,” said Suljović.

The President also used the opportunity to congratulate the upcoming holiday – 30 years of independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source and photos: Press Center of the Cabinet of the President of Montenegro