Cooperation Established with the Association “The Children of Srebrenica – New Generations”

On May 28, 2021, the Secretary General of the Alija Izetbegović Foundation, Muhamed Mulahmetović, hosted Bernis Ademović, President of the Association of Citizens “The Children of Srebrenica – New Generations”, in the premises of the Foundation.

On that occasion, the president of the Association informed Mulahmetović about the situation in Srebrenica and its surroundings when it comes to the lives of children, adolescents and young people who start families – their needs, problems they face, but also the motivation and enthusiasm they have to make life better.

Possibilities and modalities of cooperation were discussed, especially in the field of education, empowerment, networking and advancement of knowledge about Bosnia and Herzegovina, its history and culture, among the youth.

At the end of the meeting, the representatives of the Foundation and the Association signed an Agreement on Cooperation, and both sides expressed satisfaction with the formalization of cooperation and promised maximum commitment to the implementation of future joint projects.